Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

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For Feli and Neth. I hope you cherish them always (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧.*:・゚✧.*:・゚✧.

… OH MY GOD!!!!11!!!!!ONE!!! YOU DID IT?!?!??! Let me die now :D:D::DDDDDD Whahaha :D

Why are we tagged in this. What is the joke. Why is there cum (?) on a hand. Why are you so good at hands. Im probably not going to get the reference am I

don’t mind me, im sick and drowsy and not making sense

Hah I didn’t draw the hand, it’s from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Feli can best tell you the beautiful story of why it’s a thing when we’re in a call later :3 But the short of it: there’s a scene in one of the movies that is forever a squeamish point for NGE fans (I’ve never seen it, Feli told me about it). Feli, Neth, and I joked in passing about just “the hand” being a poster.. so I made it X3

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Hi im renqa and im terribly broke rn and crying on the floor
so hi I’m going to NYC this fall and getting things ready for the trip and because the ticket costs more than 1k and also traveling expenses on top of it, my savings account is in a horrible shape. So OPENING UP CHIBI COMMISSIONS.

- Maximum 2 characters.
- Both OCs and Fanart (only if I know) are acceptable.
- All payments will be through paypal with USD.
- If I can’t complete your commission for any acceptable reason, you will get your money back.
- Commission work starts after payment.

Things I’ll do!

  • OCs
  • Fanart
  • Shippy things
  • Gore/Guro

Things I won’t do!

  • Anthropomorphic / Furry
    (I tend to draw grotesque animals but if you want that, I will???)
  • NSFW
  • Backgrounds
  • Anything offensive to others and/or me

If you have any other questions feel free to ask me through my ask box or email me (renqa @ ! for more examples check my chibi art tag :D 

Commission slots status is over here!

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kag2794 asked: Hey, I'm so intrigued by your way of analyzing things!! Kudos!!! I have had this question bothering me and I'd really appreciate if you share your thoughts: In the Final Act, Kagome wished for the Jewel to disappear forever. It did. (the jewel-less three years when Kagome was on her side of the well) However, if the Jewel really granted her wish of disappearing forever, why does it reappear again in Kagome's time (Noah Mask etc)? Did her wish not get granted afterall?


The time travel aspect still works, provided that there was still one shard left in a tree somewhere that no one found in the Feudal Era.

Here is my amazingly scientific flowchart of the shattering and re-assembling of the jewel:image

Essentially, when the jewel shattered, the group managed to collect all but one of the shards in the Feudal era.  The final shard was not collected until the modern era, and was then brought backwards in time in order to complete the jewel. 

In short, there ended up being two copies of that shard in the Feudal era: one that was stuck in a tree that no one found, and its future version that Kagome eventually found and brought back.  Therefore, because that shard is still accounted-for, the jewel was still able to be completed even though there was technically still one shard left over at that time.

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